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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Life as we know it...

Have you ever noticed how much one tiny life can affect a whole world of people?? My precious Abigail was finally born on 10/15/05, my mom's birthday and the 21st anniversary of my uncle's murder. And being only minutes old her birth impacted so many peoples lives it almost seemed unreal. But for the first time in 21 years I watched Joy come back into my family's lives. And when I looked up to see my mother's face it was like someone took all the bad that had ever happend in her life and washed it all away! And then after we bring her home I find a letter that my little sister -who was ready to give up on life and everything - had written to my little angel.
She told her how she was ready to give up on everything until she held her for the very first time, and said that she was the reason why she decided to keep on going!! So many things have happened that I am completely amazed at the phenomenons that have taken place since then. And I thank God daily for my angel.

Life as we all know it has changed and will never be the same. And to me that is a great blessing!!! My prayer now is that everyday for the rest of my precious baby girl's life she makes a life changing impact on peoples lives everywhere!!!!


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