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Monday, February 27, 2006


What a complicated thing! This topic stems from something I saw on my friends blog... the question was love at first site or learn to love... she answered : both.

Heather I couldnt agree more, when it comes to such a simply complicated thing as love yea i belive in love at first site but i also believe that every day you wake up and you make a choice to keep on loving that person. So in reality Love in and of itself is a choice....I believe that you can choose to love someone the first time you ever meet them. Take me for example : my last relationship (which i didnt want to end) the first time i met him i knew i would fall in love with him. So for every other time we saw each other i would find something new about him that i loved and that was worth loving- its easy to do if your looking for things to love about a person. But on the other hand Ive been in relationships where i actually looked for the reasons i shouldnt be with that person- its all a choice. So for the people who say noone can help who they fall in love with- I dont agree with you, sure maybe your not consiously doing it but your pre-determined thoughts about that person - helps you along.

Love is beautiful and not to be squandered. Hold on to Love with all your might you never know when it could slip out of your hands.....


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